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vim, help files and vimrc

Notwithstanding my dislike for things vi;-), vim is a nice program
used by a lot of people, so I though I'd try and fix some of the more
serious bugs.

The worst of these is the problem with loading the help file.  At some
point the name seems to have changed from vim_help.txt to help.txt.
However, that is not the worst of the problems...

According to policy, /usr/doc stuff gets gzipped, which is ok with
vim, it can read gzipped things.  However, the problem is that it
needs some specific lines in vimrc to be able to do that, and since
vimrc is a conf file, we are in trouble if the lines are not there.

I see several possible solutions:

1. Go against policy and not compress /usr/doc/vim.  Result:

1276    vim as opposed to:
600     vim

Advantages: no fooling with vimrc file, simple.

2. Ask the user if it is ok to fool with vimrc ,and script the
necessary changes.  This strikes me as being ugly and something that
we might be stuck with for a long time, in the name of backwards

3. Simply check vimrc and mention the findings to the user.

4. Compress everything but help.txt.gz, so that even without the
compression handling lines in vimrc, :help works.  This is a bit
gentler, but doesnt solve the core problem.  Might involve some
fooling with the tags file too.. (yuck).

If anyone knows vim well (or at all, I use it quite rarely), and would
prefer to do this work, be my guest.  Barring that, I have fixed up a
few bugs here and there and will but this in frozen.

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