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Re: Constitution - formal proposal (v0.5)

> 2. Decisionmaking bodies and individuals
>    Each decision in the Project is made by one or more of the following:
>     1. The individual developer working on a particular task;
>     2. The developers, by way of General Resolution or an election;
>     3. The Project Leader;
>     4. The Technical Committee and/or its Chairman;
>     5. The Project Secretary;
>     6. Delegates appointed by the Project Leader for specific tasks.

sorry, i cannot find it. could someone please tell me the
overrule semantic of these 6 decisionmaking bodies? i would
asume 1 - {4,5,6} - 3 - 2, right?

and also i suggest that the order of the bodies is altered
acording to the answer of the first question. (eg. given the
above order i would asume that the project secretary overrules
the project leaders decission)


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