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Re: X statement

An interesting contradiction:

> Core technologies for graphical interoperability have been deployed. 
> The X Window System protocols have been well defined and well
> respected.  This was aided by test suites and by virtue of not having
> changed the fundamental protocols for a long time.  That, however, was a
> combined decision, because the major funders did not want to have to
> help their customer base change graphical applications, and because
> there was a feeling that the core protocol had been sufficiently
> developed.

So the decision not to change the protocols was deliberate...

> The cash haemorrhage is made worse by the non-fee paying XFree86. 
> Although it may be able to claim several million users, the net
> contribution to the development of the X Window System, as embodied by
> specs, protocols or cash is a flat zero. 

... but he blames XFree86 for not contributing to the protocols.

Not his careful exclusion of code, bugfixes, and incremental improvements
from the list of contributions -- the things free software is best at.

Richard Braakman

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