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Re: intent to package Netscape Communicator

On Apr 04, Lalo Martins wrote:
> I'm afraid communicator does not fit even for non-free. It's not
> just a matter of no source; there's the reporting requirements
> (Clause 4), and there is something in Clause 1 I dislike a lot:
>    ... Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the
>    contrary, this Agreement shall remain in effect only until
>    such time as Microsoft Corporation ceases to distribute free
>    of charge products with features comparable to the Netscape
>    client products. In such event, Netscape shall provide
>    Applicant with 90 days' prior written notice and this
>    Agreement shall expire on the end of said 90-day notice
>    period.
> IMHO this just plain sucks as far as DFSG are concerned. Even
> for non-free.

Um, non-free is just that: non-free.  If someone wants to upload something
to non-free, and the copyright holder has no objection, then it's OK for
non-free.  DFSG and non-free are, by definition, is mutually exclusive.

In any event, does anyone expect MS to stop giving away MSIE (particularly
since Mozilla will be free)?

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