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Re: Constitution - formal proposal (v0.5)

dwarf@polaris.net (Dale Scheetz)  wrote on 03.04.98 in <Pine.LNX.3.96.980403093951.2421D-100000@dwarf.polaris.net>:

> But the section goes on to require that the total number of votes cast in
> favor of the proposal must be equal to or greater than the quorum. If the
> total votes cast equals the quorum value, this requires that everyone
> voting vote for the proposal. This contradicts the voting requirements,
> which for a 2:1 vote only requires 2 out of 3 voters be in favor. This
> looks like an additional, recursive, requirement on the definition of a
> quorum.

Compare it to the news.groups rules, where you need 2/3 Yes, and also 100  
more Yes than No.

This is similar: there's a certain minimal number you need to qualify at  
all, and also a percentage you must achieve as well.

Say you have to meet a quorum of 10, and also 2/3. Then

Yes   No   Win
 4     4    No
 6     6    No
 9     1    No
10     0    Yes
10     5    Yes
10     6    No
20     6    Yes


MfG Kai

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