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Re: META: Can we please restrict the list?


	I had a beautiful flame all written up for this, but I have
 promised myself to be on my best behaviour, so I shall restrain

	I strongly object to discriminating against people merely on
 the basis of their email address. I suggest that is not what Debian
 is about. Consider looking into the RBL and using more advanced
 filtering agents.

	If any such procedure is to be instituted, it should be for
 all inbound requests, and not just for specific email addresses that
 do not suit our whimsy. I do not think Debian should get into the
 business of judging what ISP's and mail redirectors meet our
 threshold of acceptance. This is not an elite club. We are here for
 freedom of software, not to form a select coterie that all use the
 roght ISP's (yes, this is the polite version).

	Meaningfull contribution from people who have an free email
 accont is doubtfull? My preffered email address is srivasta@acm.org. 
 It is a free account. I also have srivasta@computer.org. Another free
 acoount. I use that to insulate my list subscriptions and friends
 from ISP changes.

	I think discrimination based on email address is quite as
 silly as discrimination basde on gender, race, caste, religion, and
 skin pigmentation (or the lack thereof) [the latest as always struck
 me as being extremely silly]

	Saying that we are the victims, and then proceeding to
 discriminate against innnocents (they are until they prove other wise
 by their actions) has holes in the logic. 

	Is this discrimination (increased difficulty on getting to a
 public discussion forum for a certain group of people) actionable? Is
 it a violation of their civil  liberties? (do you know for sure?) Can
 we afford to fight a suit? 

	Could we drop this now?


 They are filthy, you know? They are unclean. They hoard money. They
 lie with Satan. They cursed my pig. They are sub human. They are
 untouchables. They eat of the sacred cow. They are inferior. They use AOL.
Manoj Srivastava  <srivasta@acm.org> <http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>
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