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Re: META: Can we please restrict the list?

Jules Bean wrote:
> This list is not just for developers - it is for people interested in the
> development effort.  I'm not a developer (I might become one, someday),
> but it was suggested I subscribe here when I started asking questions
> about unstable.
> I strongly feel that you should never disallow people in that manner.


> If you forward full messages (with headers) to abuse@aol.net, they will
> lose their accounts.  If you are feeling energetic, then try to work out
> who their web ISP is, and Cc: to webmaster@ or postmaster@ there...

Just in case anyone is wondering.  That's exactly what I do for every spam 
that I see on debian lists, and all the spam that gets forwarded to 
spam@debian.org.  FYI, we are also using RBL (http://maps.vix.com/rbl) to 
block out providers who are known to be friendly to spammers.

Proudly running Debian Linux! Linux vs. Windows is a no-Win situation....
Igor Grobman           igor@debian.org                 igor@digicron.com 

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