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Re: Hamm frozen, Slink created

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > This is simply not true. Mount a Debian Official CD on a dos machine; use
> > Norton Commander and go to the msdos-i386 directory on the disk; select
> > some files and copy them somewhere on the hard disk; the result is a bunch
> > of zero length files.
> That has nothing to do with the behaviour of FTP server. The ISO9660
> filesystem has no concept of symlinks, they are an extension. And since
> DOS doesn't know about that extension, and can (and may) choose to
> ignore it.
> > The same exact thing occurs with some DOS and Windows FTP clients.
> With FTP servers the server should follow the symlink, unless it chooses
> not to for some reasons (security probably).

Like that the client specifically asks for the link file? When I download
the msdos directory using MC, unless I specifically request that MC
"follow symlinks", I get just what I want, the symlinks, and not the
actual files (I already have them). When a DOS FTP client asks for the
file, it asks for the symlink, gets it, and can't do anything with it.
The result is a zero length file on the DOS machine.


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