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Re: Debian Bug#20445 disagree

> Maybe our Release Manager (Brian C. White) has something to say about
> this. Brian?

Okay...  I've read over the thread and this is my feelings on it:

CD distributions are most useful to the novice unix user (if that isn't
a contradiction in terms).  Thus, the "stable" distribution should be
targetted primarily for that user group.  More advanced users may use
the CD as a base, but are equally comfortable in pulling packages off
of the FTP site.

In this case, if somebody has the knowledge to build their own 2.1 kernel
(since one didn't come on the CD), then they have the knowledge necessary
to get packages from "unstable".

So, I feel that packages requiring the 2.1 kernel should not be in "frozen"
or "stable".  Please feel free to comment on this.  It's not a ruling yet.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

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