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Re: Constitution - formal proposal (v0.5)

"Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

> Ian Jackson wrote:...
>   >  4.2. Procedure
>   >  
>   >    1. ... seconded by at least K other developers, ..
>   >    4. ... There is a quorum of 3Q.
>   >    6. Q is half of the square root of the number of current developers.
>   >       K is Q or 5, whichever is the smaller.
> Q will very rarely be an integer; how should it be rounded? This will make
> a difference of 3 to the quorum - better to decide before it arises in
> practice.

Actually, I like limits of non-integers - and since Q and K are only
ever used as limits, there's no need for rounding.  This actually
simplifies things - with a non-integer limit, it's very clear whether
the number of people who voted was above or below the quorum.  I can
never remember if when one says that the quorum for a certain vote is
29, that means that a vote of 29 people is valid, or if one actually
needs 30 people for a valid vote.  On the other hand, if a quorum is
stated as 29.5, it's clear that only the 30-person vote is valid.
(ok, so this isn't necessarily a good example, since most people would
know that a quorum of 29 means a vote of 29 people is valid)

I say don't clear it up; at most, state explicitly that Q and K are
not to be rounded.

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