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Re: Is the upcoming 2.0 release MCA compatible?

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Robert D. Keys wrote:

> I really would like to get a Debian up on a PS/2 Model 80 Microchannel box.
> I know that is dinosaur material, but it is what I have, and someone was
> telling me that MCA should be part of the 2.0 release.  Anyway, I would
> like to give it a try if it will go on a dual esdi drive MCA PS/2 Model 80.

I think 2.0 refers to the linux kernel here? Anyway, you can always try it
with a recent 2.1 kernel, I'm pretty sure that those support MCA and ESDI. 
It doesn't hurt to try the _debian_ 1.3 bootdisks though. 

If it doesn't work, drop a note and I'll help you make a 2.1 kernel 
based bootdisk.



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