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Re: mozilla.deb, get it while its hot

jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk (Jules Bean)  wrote on 02.04.98 in <Pine.SOL.3.95q.980402110658.11059C-100000@red.csi.cam.ac.uk>:

[HTML mail]

> Personally, I never ignore email from clients.  Whatever the format.  I
> find my business improves when I'm prepared to communicate with them.

Well, I don't remember who said it first - and it was originally about  
Usenet - but I've found that, with one exception (Netscape-specific  
mailing lists and presumably similar newsgroups), it's really true that  
stuff that comes HTML-only just isn't worth reading. Ever.

*Not once* have I seen something worthwile in those mails. (Or articles.)

MfG Kai

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