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Re: Constitution - formal proposal (v0.5)

> 1. Introduction
>    The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made
>    common cause to create a free operating system. This document
>    describes what decisions are made how in the Debian Project.
>    This document describes the organisational structure for formal
>    decisionmaking in the Project. It does not describe the goals of the
>    Project or how it achieves them, or contain any specific nontechnical
>    policies not directly related to the decisionmaking process.


I think this two paragraphs contradict to each other. From the one hand
the second paragraph states that it does not define goals of the project,
while the first one actually states this goal - creating a free operating
system. I understand that you wanted to somehow define, even loosly the
term "Debian Project". The definition you picked is more about 
 describing the FSF than Debian though.

I would propose to exclude the first sentence (or even paragraph)

Also, on the part of the developer expultion, I think there should be a
strict procedure about that. I understand this should not be probably
covered by Constitution, but there should be not that this act should 
strictly follow the procedure defined elswehere. 


Alex Y.

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