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Re: Starting X programs

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:

> Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > Xlib: connectionto ":0.0" refused by server
> > Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to server
> > Error: Can't open display: :0.0
> > 
> > However, once I installed the menu package, I can run spider from the
> > menu, but from an xterm I continue to get the above errors.
> > 
> > Can anyone clue me as to what is happening?
> (I don't use spider myself, though)
> Have you looked for the menu file of 'spider'? How does it start the
> program?

This is not specific to spider. It also occurs with any other program I
have tried

> I had a similar problem with xconsole: There are two different entries,
> one starts XConsole (which complains about denied access to /dev/kmsg)
> and the other uses xconsole (which works). Maybe there's a similar glitch
> with spider.
> Another possibility:
> It looks like something is wrong with your xauth. Try 'xhost +' as a
> temporary workaround. Maybe menu connects to the correct host by itself?
I'm not familiar with either of these.

Someone in private mail suggested that I was trying to run the program as
root, and I should try as a regular user. When I did this the program
executed correctly. (this is probably the difference between the menu and
the xterm. The menu was selected by the user logged into the session.)

This is still very strange. The logged in user has permissions that root
does not? Or is it the fact that the logged in user is the owner of the
display and root is not?

I'm still confused, even thought I can make it work now ;-)


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