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Re: X is not dead (was Re: X is dead.)

On Thu, Apr 02, 1998 at 07:47:40AM -0500, Alex Yukhimets wrote:
  [about my scenario: XFree86 GPLed]
> That's like making libc GPL'd - it means the end to all commercial GUI
> programs for Linux -  like Applixware, StarOffice, etc. Even RMS don't
> think it is good. It is not a likely scenario, it's a dead-end scenario.

It's just as dead-end as the Open Group's attempt to close X.

Of course licensing XFree86 under GPL is akin to a doomsday device: a threat
so abhorrent it's mere existence ought to be enough to rule out its use.

Still, it is possible to relicense XFree86 in such a way that companies
enhancing core X technologies (e.g. xlib and xserver implementations) must
share code changes, without ruling out development of commercial X
applications or non-core technologies (e.g. Applixware, GUI toolkits, CDE

The Open Group has decided for now to stop being a team player; that's its
decision. It can expect a response from the other players. What form that
response will take, I leave to them.

I'm also interested in the response of Open Group's member companies; I
don't think they are stupid enough to believe closing X is in their
advantage. Have we seen any statements from them yet?

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