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Re: Time sync

In article <35216FB4.1D0C28D8@livenet.net>,
Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:
> How hard is it then to have Debian setup xntpd to run during install or
> when the package is added??  Is there a reason against this??  How about
> for dialup users -- can xntpd be set to check for a connection??

Just run it continuously; it will keep trying your timeservers when
you're not dialed up, but it will just assume they're down and
continue on.  xntpd wants to run all the time so it can correct for
drift.  If you use diald be sure it doesn't dial up for NTP packets
(UDP port 123).  NTP works better than you might think over a dialup
because it has such good bogus-timestamp-rejection code.
Shields, CrossLink.

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