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mdutils: invalid argument on activation

Hallo all,

I just switched my usr partition to a 2x 500 MB Raid0 partition with
the md device.

On bootup the "mdadd -ar" command issued in /etc/init.d/mdutils.sh is
able to register the partitions with the md driver, but it is not able
to activate it. Instead it gives:

/dev/md0: invalid argument

The bootup process then fails back to single user mode, where I am not
able to activate the md device neither by mdadd -ar, mdadd -r, nor
by "mdrun -p0 /dev/md0". 

This is what /etc/mdtab says:
#/dev/md0      raid0     /dev/hda5 /dev/hdc2
# mdtab entry for /dev/md0
/dev/md0	raid0,4k,0,ec63a892	/dev/hda5 /dev/hdc2 

If I then exit single user mode and boot to normal mode, I am
able to login as root and now mdadd -ar is able to activate the md
device. I then mount /usr by mount -a and do init 1, init 2 to get my
full system. 

This is what dmesg tells after this:
REGISTER_DEV hda5 to md0 done
REGISTER_DEV hdc2 to md0 done
Oops ! md0 not running, giving up !
Bad md_map in ll_rw_block
EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock
Serial driver version 4.13 with no serial options enabled
tty00 at 0x03f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A
tty01 at 0x02f8 (irq = 3) is a 16550A
raid0 personality registered
START_DEV md0 raid0

I tried linking mdadd statically, but activation fails too. 

I then debuged "mdadd -ar" in single user mode:
It fails in mdadd.c line 73, gdb says

do_mdstart(fd=8, dev="/dev/md0", pers=131072)
ioctl(fd, START_MD,pers)

the ioctl fails and mdadd issues the perror from the next line.

The same line functions properly after init switching to multiuser
mode. (Only another adress for the string is shown). 

I have no clue what might be causing this.

I run a 2.0.33 kernel, just now cat /proc/mdstat says:

unsolved [/home/jens] $ cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [2 raid0]
read_ahead 8 sectors
md0 : active raid0 hda5 hdc2 1024220 blocks 4k chunks
md1 : inactive
md2 : inactive
md3 : inactive

and md works fine after the procedure mentioned above.

Any suggestions?



Jens.Ritter@weh.rwth-aachen.de   grimaldi@debian.org
Key ID: 2048/E451C639 Jens Ritter
Key fingerprint: 5F 3D 43 1E 24 1E CC 48  1E 05 93 3A A7 10 73 37 

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