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ulimit -f too low - login.defs?

I have been finding out why I cannot create files bigger than
1GB (the kernel limit is 2GB) - it turns out that /etc/login.defs sets
this to 1GB by default. It doesn't look that way because it's set to
2097152, but that's in 512 byte blocks for some stupid reason.

So I wanted to file a bug report against.. well, some package ... but
I don't know here login.defs comes from ..

$ dpkg -S logins.defs
dpkg: *logins.defs* not found.

$ zcat Contents-i386.gz | grep logins.defs

Anyone care to enlighten me?

 Miquel van Smoorenburg | Our vision is to speed up time,
    miquels@cistron.nl  |   eventually eliminating it.

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