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Re: psmisc and optional base packages.

Dale Scheetz wrote
> I was a bit surprised to find that the command killall is not found by
> bash on my new hamm system.
> I was more surprised when the Contents file told me that killall was found
> in psmisc, and that this package, although declared a base package (which
> I thought ment it went into the base file system) is also declared to be
> an optional package and was not installed! Aren't all base packages
> supposed to be required? At the very least psmisc should be marked as a
> standard package, as it contains killall, fuser, and pstree. At least two
> of these are expected *nix commands.
> I haven't looked at the new base disk set yet, so if it's fixed there,
> then only the package needs fixing.
It's not there. I am not sure as to what to do. I think we (the boot-floppies)
people should wait to see what the opinion on this issue is before doing
anything else.

Personally, I also think it should become at least standard and be included.

Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk>
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