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Re: non-free software

>>"Alex" == Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

Alex> Now *this* is a serious question. The fact is that in addition
Alex> to usual excuses - like having no time, etc. there is one more
Alex> reason: Debian is very hard to base a commercial distribution
Alex> on. In our attempt to make Debian upgradable we change the
Alex> scheme of dependencies quite frequently, taking into account
Alex> only existing debian packages and not providing any "hooks" for
Alex> add-ons. I had a chance to think about it during the discussion
Alex> of a Vitamin-D (remember?). I thing that it is the main reason
Alex> the there is no (at least I am not aware of) Debian-based
Alex> commercial distribution.

	I was not aware that that is the case. I think that once most
 packages stabilize, the set of dependencies are largly frozen, and in
 any respect the scheme of dependencies has remained unchanged almost
 since the inception of Debian. I think I do not understand what you
 are trying to say here.

	What could Debian do to improve the situation? What kind of
 hooks are needed? Could you give examples of such major violations
 that a distribution could not be based on bo, and then upgraded for
 hamm (using a variation of autoup.sh)? That may help narrow down the
 problems at hand, and make us more friendly to people basing other
 distributions on us.

	I see no problems off hand, unless there happens to be a
 a commercial/non-debian package that clashes with a debian package of
 the same name, in which case it may make sense for the people to help
 out the debian maintainer and not duplicate effort (or become the
 debian maintainer as the case may be).

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