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Re: what happened to master?

> > Does anyone know what happend to master? Whould that be possible
> > to make va.debian.org the MX for debian.org for the time master is
> > unreachable so that the mail sent to debian.org addresses would be
> > delivered?
> Long since done, some emails bounced however.

Thanks guys.

I've got two mesages explaining what happned, and they contradict to each
other in regards to the MX thing :(

One states that it is not possible to do because master and va have
different aliases, the other (above) admits this problems but claims that
it is long done. So, was that done or wasn't? In case it was, there is a
problem in the redirection because I don't get mail on alexy@va.debian.org
destined to alexy@debian.org :(


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