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Re: NIS+ support for hamm?

> On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > 
> > Runs anybody currently a hamm system as a NIS+-client in a Solaris 
> > environment? If yes, is everything included in the hamm system to do this or 
> > do I have to compile many things to get this to work?
> The NIS howto says one needs glibc 2.1 snapshot for NIS. Hamm has glibc
> 2.0 (at least on i386)
> Greg

The NIS+ page says, you need glibc >= 2.0.91. Which one is contained in hamm?

GNU C Library: 

The NIS+ support for glibc 2.x is written from scratch. The getXXent and 
getXXbyYY functions are all implemented.
DES authentication for NIS+ (secure level 2) will work with the GNU C Library 
snapshot version 2.0.91 or later. You
also need the glibc-crypt and glibc-linuxthreads add ons. You have to 
configure glibc with:
configure --prefix=/usr --enable-add-ons=crypt,linuxthreads,... 
The NIS+ support is not and will never be in the released glibc 2.0.x ! The 
first glibc version with NIS+ is the 2.0.91
test release. 

For more information about the GNU C Library, look at 

Rainer Dorsch
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