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dselect mystification

I'm in the middle of upgrade from 1.3.1 to hamm upgrade and was trying to
upgrade the packages in dists/unstable/main using dselect.  I have already
run the autoup.sh script.

I am confused about where I am in dselect...some sort of package
dependency issue and I can't seem to exit my keystroke cycle.
dselect  - recursive package listing              mark:+/=/- verbose:...
EIOM Pri Section Package    Description
*** Std devel   libreadline2  <<<<<lit up>>>>>
*** Opt libs    tk40
*** Opt oldlibs  libreadline2 GNU readline and history libr....

libreadline2-dev installed;  install (was: install).  Standard<<<lit-up>>>
libreadline2-dev depends on libreadline2 (= 2.1-2)

interrelationships affecting libreadline2-dev

Ok, I've tried the enter key and the + key....doesn't seem to like those,
it just keeps cycling me thru help...any idea what I'm supposed to do at
this point?


	Henry Hollenberg     speed@barney.iamerica.net 

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