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> Another (potentially) stupid question: does the code freeze apply to
> non-x86 and/or do any non-x86 Debain systems plan on being part of
> the Debian 2.0 release.

At least m68k should be part of the release. We're currently working
hard on our boot disks and hope to get them (smoothly) working till
the release date. Don't know what the other ports plan to do... at
least I've heard of a boot disk set for sparc.

But this reminds me of another problem with the freeze: Let's say,
some maintainer uploads a new source version (plus i386 binary
package(s)) quickly one day before the release. The distribution in
the changelog will be "unstable". But this package has still to be
recompiled for other architectures (I'll use m68k as an example), but
this obviously isn't done in zero time... Assume that the package is
recompiled for m68k some days later, when the freeze already has
happened. Since a recompile never shall touch the changelog file, the
distribution is still unstable, but this is wrong. The package should
go to frozen, since it's the same version of a source already in
frozen. How can we solve this?


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