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> > I don't think this is a stupid question, actually, 'cause I'm
> > wondering the same thing my self. GTK 1.0 and GIMP 1.0 are due out in
> > a few weeks, definitely after the freeze but probably before the
> > release of hamm. Will I be able to upload them as 'bug fixes'?
> Personally I'd be in favour of slipping them in before the release
> candidate (providing that they have been fully tested).  But that
> should only be done as a 'special exception' at Brian's discretion
> rather than as a 'general rule'.

Unfortunately, the timing is always inconvienient to someone.  I could
be convinced to allow the change from 0.99x to 1.0 without much problem,
especially since neither of those impact the rest of the system.

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