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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before freezing Hamm

I think, smail is a *big* problem, because it is the standard mailreader,
and a lot of newbies have it installed. Unfortunately, it is somewhat broken
at the moment.

I don't have any knowledge about MTA's, sorry, but probably we have to
revert to the version in bo.

One idea would be to have the smailconfig file more descriptive (a newbie
option for internet via isp. this would be 1 with smarthost).

Thank you,

> 16908: smail            - error in smail config file (with solution) [54]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
> 17371: smail            - unfortunate new sender check [42]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
> 17975: smail            - smail places log files in /var/adm/smail/ [24]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
> 18016: smail            - smail: smail uses /var/adm/smail instead of /var/log/smail [24]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
> 18092: smail            - smail does not write logs! [22]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
> 18494: smail            - memory leak affecting xmcd and smail [9]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)

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