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The svgalib/svgalib-dummy situation still grates on me. 

I would like to see a minimalist svgalib-dummy containing just the .so move to
the base section as an essential package. It should install into a
subdirectory in /usr/lib so that the real library in is used if present. 

That way other packages would only have to require svgalib if that was their
only interface. They wouldn't have to know about svgalib-dummy at all; if they
have alternate interfaces they can simply not require svgalib.

It would also be nice to have a similar stub so for Xlib and ncurses. Then we
would see things like Requires: (svgalib | Xlib | ncurses). The last one seems
unlikely but it would be worth looking at Xlib. 

Actually shouldn't it be possible to make an program which automatically takes
a shared library and generates a stub .so that will satisfy the linkage
dependency? It could just make all functions aliases for one that returns 0.
That ought to work for most purposes. Hmmm.


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