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Re: a few package setup questions

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:
> They are merely pix.  So /usr/share/lib/enlightenment is prolly where
> they are going.  Unless someone can make an argument for a dir under
> /usr/X11R6.  No these are only E's.  There is no gnome support yet. 
> There really isnt a GNOME yet either but that is beyond the point.

Themes also include config files, and the config file file format
varies, perhaps drastically, from release to release. Remember that
Enlightenment, in spite of being very usable, is still early alpha.
Until the "DR" disappears from the official version numbering, please
make allowances for this.

But don't worry too much about your decisions being cast in stone.
They won't be.  More like: your decisions will be cast in quicksand...

[e 0.14 will allow you to use directories as menu config files,
for instance, and while the current menu config file mixes imagery
and layout with menu names and actions 0.14 will have separate files
for these.]

> Everyone is dodging the first question. What is a good way to
> implement this? Make a virtual package imlib that both imlib-no_gif
> and imlib-gif provide?? How should I handle the user adding one and
> then the other??

You shouldn't need to make a separate imlib-gif because imlib never
needs to write files in gif format.  Unisys has already agreed that
free software can unpack gif -- it's only writing gif files that
has legal problems.

Any other questions?


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