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Re: Hamm boot floppy problems

> On 4 Mar 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> > I saw a response; the Deskpro series has an EXTREMELY nonstandard
> > BIOS, and Linux requires a patch to support its PCI devices well.

Bob Nielsen <nielsen@primenet.com> wrote:
> There is a large variety of Compaq boxes sharing the Deskpro name,
> 8086 and up. I'm sure that there are many iterations of BIOS involved
> as well, all of them EXTREMELY nonstandard and what works for one
> possibly won't work for another, although they could probably be
> grouped by subsets.

The specific problem mentioned is that the pci bios is located in a
non-standard location, and the fix is to copy it into the ram which is
located at the standard location.

If the symptom you're seeing is a compaq which has pci but linux can't
detect the pci bios then the fix is pretty cut and dried: boot up under
dos, and run the tsr which copies the pci bios.

An alternative, of course, would be to patch your copy of linux so that
it looks for the bios where compaq puts it.

I'll guess that this isn't a kernel config time option because no one
has submitted a decent patch for it to Linus (or he didn't notice).


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