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WvDial - quick observations

Hi, these aren't the results of a thorough investigation of this
program - so maybe my comments will better reflect some things that
ought to be changed/fixed if we are to use this program on a wider

1.  The config program doesnt seem to ask for username, phone number
and password.  If this is targeted at newbies, it should say , if it
does not do it itself, "please edit -configfile- now".

2. This config file should be 600.  This is extremely important.
Maybe wvdialconfig should take care of this?

3. Should it be overwriting pon and poff like that?

I kind of like how pppd goes into the background instead of sticking
around, taking up a window.

Some mention of disableing the 'connect' option in ppp/options might
be good.  I have no idea what the defaults are anymore, though...

David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw 

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