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Re: On new names for "Deity"

From: Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org>
> You should have seen the backlash on the g10 (now called gnupg) 
> mailing list when someone with background in marketing tried to offer some 
> naming suggestions recently. It was big, and ugly.

I wouldn't have offered a different name for "gnupg".

The public announcement of Debian's free software policy was marketing.
The official CD was marketing. The retail package is marketing. The
creation of SPI and grants to free software projects was marketing
for free software. I could go on. The question is whether it is done
intelligeently and whether you are driving it or it is driving you.

I'd love to put the developers through the courses I took so that they'd
feel empowered and have an idea about the proper role of marketing.
I can't do that. I can probably get them some good mentors.



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