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Re: programs by Dan Bernstein

On Wednesday, March 4 1998, at 20:49:42, Carey Evans wrote:
: I can't really see anywhere that it says you can distribute them at
: all.  In fact, I can't see anywhere it says you can even download and
: use them, although putting them up on his FTP server rather suggests
: that it's OK with him.
: I'm also not certain how his "Legal information" page relates to *his*
: software.  It certainly relates to Microsoft software, since you buy
: that in a store.  But by downloading software from his FTP server, do
: I "own a copy"?

Well, the page http://pobox.com/~djb/software.html has a link to
http://pobox.com/~djb/softwarelaw.html, and there Dan says:

>> ...
>> Free software
>> What does all this mean for the free software world? Once you've
>> legally downloaded a program, you can compile it. You can run it.
>> You can modify it.  You can distribute your patches for other
>> people to use. If you think you need a license from the copyright
>> holder, you've been bamboozled by Microsoft. As long as you're not
>> distributing the software, you have nothing to worry about.
>> ...

It seems that is what Dan thinks about distribution of patches for
free sofware... so I think we can distribute his programs as source

: P.S. Does anyone know if any binary packages of qmail have been
: approved?

I think so, but we don't want that... he must approve every change
to the program, and we can't wait for approvation if a security
patch is needed.

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