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Re: On new names for "Deity"

bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> From: Behan Webster <behanw@verisim.com>
> > Sure.  I agree I should read them, and I did.  But you saying "nobody's
> > reading Jason's documents" makes it sound like even the Deity project
> > members haven't read them.
> The message was posted to debian-devel, not deity.

This is true.

The problem is that the tone of the email, or the content of the email
is not always colored by the list to which it is posted.  Interpretation
of what is said is not always connected to where it was posted.

> > However, it troubles me that you got somebody to volunteer to program
> > for the project, and then can turn around and say "nobody's volunteering
> > to help with the programming".
> The message was posted to debian-devel. None of our 300+ people are
> volunteering and I have to recruit people from other distributions!

Yes.  I can see how this is frustrating.

> Again, I do not mean to diminish your contribution or demotivate you.

I know you weren't meaning to do this.  However, I felt you were doing
it unknowingly just the same.  I'm glad you are aware of this now.

> My concerns are increasingly with Debian's marketing. I've done well
> in issues like the Official CD and the DFSG, but I find that asking
> hackers to do marketing is like asking cats to swim. I think it's time
> for us to assemble a marketing group that can speak with some authority
> on these issues and collaborate with the technical group to increase
> our user community.

I would certainly support a debian-marketing team.  I am not qualified
to join it (I prefer to leave the black arts to those who understand
them 8) ), but I could see how a group of market savvy people could help
make a difference.

My goodness.  Pretty soon we'll have an Engineering group, an
Administration group, and a Marketing group!  I guess this just
illustrates the size to which Debian has grown.  Who's going to
distribute the org chart?  (only joking) 8)



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