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Re: Why "daemon" is not like "deity"

On Wed, Mar 04, 1998 at 02:25:31AM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
> >>"bruce" == bruce  <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:
> >> Herding cats, Bruce. You can't lead us where we do not wish to go.
> bruce> Rest assured, the developers don't want to show religious
> bruce> intolerance if they can avoid it by changing a single word.
> 	But is it religous intolerance? So far, I have just seen your
>  word on that. Is anyone's religious sensibility actually hurt? 


I don't want to add any more noise to this debate.

I would actually tag myself as religious person. I'm rooted in the 
German Christian protestant church. I have to concede that we don't have
the big share of PC and religious fanatism in Germany that apparently is 
present in the US.

So am I offended by the name deity ?
No, I'm not because it's just a name of a tool. I use money in daily life
because it doesn't immediately express that I'm worshipping mammon if I do

Besides I think in every religion the expression "deity" represents 
something positive so it's inherently different from 666, daemon, 
satan, ....



Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de
What's the railroad to me ?
I never go to see
Where it ends.
It fills a few hollows,
And makes banks for the swallows, 
It sets the sand a-blowing,
And the blackberries a-growing.
                      (Henry David Thoreau)

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