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Re: Why "daemon" is not like "deity"

> intended to be used by other distributions besides Debian.

I'm glad you brought that up. I am the person who will have to promote
this program to the other distributions if we want them to use it. One
of those distributions is Caldera. The president of Caldera and several
of the key engineers are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the
Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons). Brian Sparks is a really nice guy and is
sincerely religious. I would obviously find it intensely embarassing, and
also ineffective, to try to promote a program with a religiously-offensive
name to Brian. I'd prefer to maintain the relationship that Debian has with
Caldera. We've gotten some good free software out of those guys, and without
our encouragement and our example I don't think that would have happened.

I understand that most of you don't get to participate in this sort of
interaction for Debian. Please consider that I am making a personal
sacrifice to do it, that my considerations are real, and that I need you
to back me up.



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