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GRUB: New release

I've uploaded a newer iteration of the GRUB package to incoming.  I'm
moving it to experimental, as people really should be careful with it,
and the install code is a work in progress (see below).

New features:

 * New "grubinst" utility allows you to put the boot block on any
 * Fancy postinstall script:
    + if /etc/grub.conf exists, it is executed and the script exits
    + otherwise asks if you want to install grub: it asks a few
      questions and installs the boot block.
    + If /boot/grub/menu.lst _doesn't_ exist, it generates one from
      /boot/vmlinuz-* and appends a sample DOS entry (commented out).
      Queries user for append string, etc.  (I haven't written a translator
      for /etc/lilo.conf, and I'm not insane enough to do that in sh.)


  The grubinst program needs testing, particularly I don't know for
 sure if it can find menu.lst when you place the boot block on a
 different partition.

  The automagic menu.lst doesn't work if /boot is not on the root

 grubinst and postinstall don't handle non-primary partitions (although
 the installation code on the GRUB command line does work).


Now back to your regularly scheduled deity discussion...

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