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Intent to package xgobi

xgobi is a data-visualisation program written by Bellcore / AT&T
statisticians a few years ago. It is non-free. Unless anyone objects, I
should be ready to upload something in the next days.

FYI, Here the start of the manual page:

XGobi(1)                                                 XGobi(1)

       xgobi  -  interactive  dynamic  graphics  program for data

       xgobi [ X options ] [ -std mmx|msd|mmd ] [ -dev std_devia­
       tion ] filename

       xgobi  is an interactive dynamic graphics program for data
       visualization in the X Window System.   It  is  especially
       designed  for  the  exploration of multivariate data.  Its
       basic plot is a scatterplot, and these  are  some  of  the
       tools available for scatterplot display and manipulation:

          Cycling rapidly through two-variable scatter plots.

          Three-dimensional  rotation,  including  trackball con­

          Grand tour rotation: a smooth  randomized  sequence  of
          two-dimensional  projections  in  order  to  explore  a
          higher-dimensional point cloud.

          Brushing: the ability to change the color  or  plotting
          character of a point or a group of points.

          Scaling: moving and reshaping the plot interactively.

          Identification:  displaying an label next to a point in
          the plot window.

          Linking:   Brushing,  identification  and  touring  are
          linked;  that  is,  actions  in the window of one XGobi
          process are immediately reflected in another XGobi win­
          dow displaying the same data.

          Line  editing: Any pair of points can be connected with
          a line segment.

          Transformation:  A  menu  of  data  transformations  is

          Postscript  plotting:  The contents of the plot windows
          can be written out to postscript files for high-quality

          Online  help:   Most  of  the XGobi buttons and windows
          have associated help files that can be displayed during
          an  XGobi session.  Click on the Help button toward the
          top right of the window for instructions.

       XGobi has a direct manipulation  interface,  and  all  the
       above actions are performed using the mouse.

                          12 April 1994                         1

XGobi(1)                                                 XGobi(1)

       XGobi  can  be  used  in  conjunction with S (1).  Execute
       help(xgobi) within S for information.

edd@rosebud.ml.org                 According to the latest official figures,
http://rosebud.ml.org/~edd      43% of all statistics are totally worthless.

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