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Re: Why "daemon" is not like "deity"

On 3 Mar 1998 bruce@va.debian.org wrote:

> > Hypertext Webster Gateway: "daemon"
> _We_ did not pick the descriptive term "daemon". The difference with
> "deity" is that we have not released the program yet, we are in control,
> we have the capability of making a good decision or a bad one. We
> should not default to inconsiderate behavior because others have been
> inconsiderate in the past.
> Anyway, there is no program named "daemon" in the system, and most of them
> except for cron and init are described as "servers" these days.
dwarf# apropos daemon
bdflush (2)          - start, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon
cron (8)             - daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron)
diskd (1)            - disk daemon; wait for disk to be inserted
diskseekd (1)        - disk seek daemon; simulates Messy Dos' drive
cleaning effect
klogd (8)            - kernel log daemon.
lpd (8)              - line printer spooler daemon
mountd (8)           - NFS mount daemon
nfsd (8)             - NFS service daemon
nfsservctl (2)       - syscall interface to kernel nfs daemon
pppd (8)             - Point to Point Protocol daemon
routed (8)           - network routing daemon
rpc.mountd (8)       - NFS mount daemon
rpc.nfsd (8)         - NFS service daemon
start-stop-daemon (8) - start and stop system daemon programs
xkbevd (1x)          - XKB event daemon

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