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Re: outgoing SMTP and dynamic DNS

On Tue, Mar 03, 1998 at 10:20:33PM +1300, Carey Evans wrote:

> If the host gets picky about "EHLO psyche.evansnet" I'd be in trouble, 
> but it's then non-compliant.

Actually, I think smail does this by default.  Or at least, it
gets seriously upset about "EHLO localhost" and probably others as well.

(I can't test this right now -- I downgraded to from bo because
it was being ridiculous.)

Now, I would be happy to agree that it's non-compliant.  It's also
braindead: if you know the remote hostname well enough to properly validate
the EHLO, why do you need the EHLO to be correct anyway?

Sendmail has done it exactly that way for a long time:

	HELO fuzzy.wuzzy
	250 mail.somewhere.org Hello ppp-annex-0117.mtl.accent.net
		[], pleased to meet you

Trusting the HELO line is bad.  Validating it is worse.  I don't think
anything but the new smail does the latter.

Have fun,


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