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Re: UNIX and ease of use

On 3 Mar 1998 bruce@va.debian.org wrote:

: Nathan,
: If you have an MCA system to test it on, go ahead and maintain a kernel
: package for the MCA bus. We will have 3 CDs in the 2.0 set, and we can
: make one of those CDs boot that kernel.  There is probably room for two
: kernels on each CD if we use 2.88 MB El Torito boot images.
: 	Thanks
: 	Bruce

Oi ... maintainerdom, eh?  Ok, I'll look into it ... I've got some model
90s and 55s sitting around the tech room here.  I haven't had much
success with ESDI yet, nor with Token Ring.  The model 90 works like a
dream ... it's going to be a DHCP server, I believe.

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