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Re: UNIX and ease of use

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, G John Lapeyre wrote:

[ snip ]
: 	Yes, I recently was trying to install using several mongrel
: 386-486 machines, and there was always a problem installing.  Eg, the bo
: rescue disk apparantly needed a PCI bus to work properly ! 

Huh?  Did the boot actually fail, or did you get the "No PCI BIOS
present, this release still depends on it; sorry" message (note:  that's
not verbatim :) ... afaik, that message is from the EATA driver compiled
into the kernel.  It's about as serious as the "Failed to initialise
WD-7000 controller !!!" which I see on every stock Debian kernel, as I
have no WD-7000 and have no clue what it is ...

Recently, I installed on a Model 90, MCA, IBM SCSI HBA, etc.  This
required a kernel recompile, since Debian doesn't have a stock MCA
capable kernel lying around.  Granted, the demand is low I imagine, but
do we want a few different kernel images around, like we have for
laptops?  How does RedHat do this ... they use modules for the disk
drivers as well, right?

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