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Re: scores file - how to fix?

Adrian Bridgett wrote:

> then you will need to remove the file and the directory. (If you include the
> directory in the .deb, then it isn't removed as the high-score is still in it
> when the directory is deleted (2), which occurs before the postrm removes
> the score file (6)):
> remove & purge
>     1. prerm remove
>     2. The package's files are removed (except conffiles).
>     3. postrm remove
>     4. All the maintainer scripts except the postrm are removed.
> purge only
>     5. The conffiles and any backup files (~-files, ...) are removed.
>     6. postrm purge
> The scores (and directory if appropriate) should only be removed when the
> postrm is called with "purge".

Hm.  Does that mean ugly warnings from dpkg every time the game is purged?
Perhaps I could also create the directory in the postinst.

Thanks for the info, though :)

Richard Braakman

(And I think "selectian" would be a very nice name for deity :-)

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