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Re: On new names for "Deity"

hamish@debian.org (Hamish Moffatt)  wrote on 01.03.98 in <19980301002018.64264@yodeller>:

> I think already the pronounciation of the word is causing this sort
> of confusion. *I* think it is pronounced the same was as "drove"
> (as in I drove my car). This seems to fit with a treasure trove.
> I don't think it is trove as in dove. Prounced as drove makes
> the spelling a bit clearer.
> I am a native speaker of English but it is not a common word at all.

Well, and this non-native speaker probably would have pronounced "dove"  
and "drove" the same way, except for the r.

Remember that the English are the people who didn't know how to pronounce  
"Linux". (It helps that the "obvious" German pronunciation for this just  
switches the u and i sounds from how we pronounce "Unix", which, I believe  
(but what do I know), is very similar to the English version of "Unix"  

MfG Kai

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