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Re: On new names for "Deity"

On Sun, Mar 01, 1998 at 03:25:53AM -0000, bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> Actually, I would have thought that acronyms would be more difficult for
> foreign languages, just because they have no meaning and can not be
> translated sensibly. I have a lot of trouble when even people with heavy
> accents use acronyms on the phone, even when they spell them.

	I'm Finnish, and it's not even in the same language family
	as English and friends. So I guess I have a good background
	on this:
	Please do not choose any word that native english speakers
	will think of as rare. It will cause trouble, as the spelling
	will be too uncertain (trove: trouve, trov, trouv, truve, etc),
	and you can't be even sure about the pronounciation
	("trooove", "truuve", "trov", "trouv", "trouve"..)
	Trove is certain to make a finn uncertain.

	Debian is a great name (although if you pronounce it the
	English way a finn won't know how to write it;)
	GNU is a great name. Gnome is a great name. Gimp is a great
	name. Java is a great name. Linux is the easiest to pronounce
	for Finns;) Trove is not a great name. Deity was a great name.
	I know some people who think computers are the devil's work.
	What difference is naming it "deity" going to make with people
	like that?

	PS. My current suggestion is "mother".
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