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Re: On new names for "Deity"

You neglected to explain _why_ acronyms are better in this respect.

1. You can make any word an acronym with some effort.

2. I don't see how "grep" (an acronym) is better if in a foreign language
   it is not "Global Regular Expression Parser" but an unrelated sentence.
   Especially if the party doesn't speak Computer Scientist English. I can
   still sound out any Latin-alphabet word in the International Phonetic
   Alphabet: "Golf Romeo Echo Poppa".



> IMHO acronyms are better. Other names may cause a lot of problems concerning
> the spelling of the word (especially for languages other than english).
> Imagine you tell somebody on the phone the name "trove". I bet that a lot of
> people would ask about the spelling of the word. Does it use a 'v', 've' or
> a 'w' at the end of the word? Is it an 'o' or 'ou' in the middle of the word
> and so on. The spelling might be easy for english but not necessarily for
> other languages.

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