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Re: timezone -> timezones (why?)

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Santiago Vila wrote:

> > Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:
> > 
> > > BTW: Question for dpkg hackers: Would be possible to have libc6_2.0.7
> > > and timezone_1:2.0.7 generated by the same source package?
> > 
> > Certainly.  Look at libreadlineg2 for example:
> > 
> > [snipped]
> Great!
> Then, I see there are currently *no* reasons to rename the old timezone
> package to timezones. 

guy's example showed different version numbers, but it didn't show a
different epoch....i got the impression that guy misread the question - he
certainly didn't answer it.

> Dale, just because David Engel did it does not mean it was a good
> idea.
> "The current maintainer is allowed to do things different than the
> previous maintainer."

but doesn't have to.


craig sanders

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