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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

> my preferences are:
> 1.  debtool
> 2.  dpm
> n.  DND (my own suggestion of DND's Not Dselect)

Please people.  Deity's goal is ultimately not just Debian.  Yes, Deity
is being developped within Debian, and primarily with .deb in mind, but
that is not the only scope of the design.

We hope to support rpm's, and POSIX packages, etc. in the future.  The
idea is to come up with something that can ultimately be used on all

The author of rpm (Erik Troan I believe?) is known to have said that he
wished he hadn't put thr "r" (redhat) in rpm as rpm is now a defacto
stardard for many Linux distributions.  Let's face it, there is some
reticence to using a tool named for one distribution in another.  The
rpm tool would have gained more and far wider acceptance a lot faster
had it been named something more generic.

That is what we are aiming for this time.  Not to tie the name to the
distribution.  Let's learn from this revelation.

Would people please try to suggest names that do not say "deb", or in
one way or another scream Debian.  We are trying to keep this name

In fact, I would like to reinforce the fact that the name should follow
the following list of constraints.  (This list should have been posted
by the deity group up front, but since we didn't, I'm glad Brandon
Mitchell was able to compile this list):

1) needs to be a good length name (4-8 chars, 2 or 3 is too short)
2) not specific to a particular distribution
3) not specific to a particular type of package
4) intuitive and memorable

I'm sorry, but names that don't meet the above criteria will just not be


(Deity team member)

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