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Re: timezone -> timezones (why?)

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > I doubt that autoup is the official path. For the last two years we
> > taught our users that dselect is the official upgrade tool.
> Every release that I have been involved in has required that a small hand
> full of packages be installed by hand before dselect could be used. This
> has always included libc and ld.so and usually dpkg. 

this is true.

also, one point which needs to be made is that for any
conflicts/depends/epochs stuff to work in a dselect upgrade, dpkg MUST
be upgraded first.

That means we either need a libc5 version of dpkg to be installed before
the main upgrade or we do the libc6 upgrade in a script like autoup.

it may be possible to get dpkg/dselect to do the upgrade....but we know for
certain that the script works (excepting recent problems with the ftp
patches) and it won't break the system during the upgrade.  I know what i

> The autoup.sh script was started because this release is more complex
> than others have been and the script was seen as being desirable.

actually, it was started because i needed it.  i found doing the libc5 to
libc6 process on several machines to be tedious so i automated it...and
posted the result to debian-devel.  it's grown a lot since then :-)


craig sanders

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