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WARNING: do not use fmirror 0.8.3alpha

I've already submitted a bug report on this but IMO it's important enough
to be mentioned on debian-devel too. 

I upgraded fmirror yesterday to the latest version, as part of a dselect
mass upgrade to the latest hamm. 0.8.3alpha-1.

Woke up this morning to find that fmirror had blown away my mirrors and
was re-fetching them.  For debian alone that's about 1.3GB of binaries. 
at 20 cents/MB that's $260.  it's also going to cost me about 8 hours of
paid work i can't complete on time because i need the mirror to build a
firewall....it will be a week before i have my mirror back again. 

I've done some testing on the new fmirror and have found that it is going
to do exactly the same thing (i.e. delete the local mirror and fetch it
again) the next time it is run.   I've stopped it and restarted it a few
times and seen exactly the same behaviour each time.

It is obvious from this that the fmirror package was not tested at all
before being released.  

I know this is unstable, that anything may be broken and that i have to
acecpt the risks of running it.... but we do have policies which say that
packages should be tested before being uploaded.  That's important for any
package.  It's especially important for packages which could damage the
system or incur significant expense. 


craig sanders

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