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Re: Proposal: Link to .changes file for each package on www.debian.org

On Tue, Feb 17, 1998 at 11:57:41PM -0600, Zed Pobre wrote:
>     Actually, if it's not too much work (and if you didn't sneak it
> into the hamm version of dpkg/dpkg-deb without me noticing), I'd also
> like to see a dpkg option to display the changelog of a downloaded
> package, so you can know what to expect before a sudden upgrade.

	You can use this little script:
------ cut here ------------------------------------------------------
if ! test -f "$1"; then
        echo "Usage: $0 <file.deb>"; exit 1
dpkg --fsys-tarfile $1 | tar xfO - usr/doc/*/changelog.Debian.gz | zless

>     Somewhat unrelated question...  Does anyone know if I am likely to
> break anything by spontaneously installing the hamm ld.so package on
> my bo system?

	No, I think it won't break anything... I've done it without
noticing any harm.

Juan Cespedes

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